HOW TO: Care For Your Knitwear

HOW TO: Care For Your Knitwear

Marlow knitwear is designed to be an anchor in your wardrobe for years to come. 

During the colder months, it’s important to update your wardrobe with cosy, premium quality layering pieces. Investing in timeless silhouettes that are designed to mix, match and layer is key to building a stylish and toasty Winter wardrobe. Read through to get to know our knitwear and why it is a staple in everyone's wardrobe.

We offer a wide range of lovingly crafted knitwear blends including cashmere, merino, wool, angora and lightweight cotton to suit every season.

Read through to discover the benefits and point of difference of each fibre:



Cashmere is a high-quality yarn that is luxuriously soft and fluffy to the touch. The sumptuous fibres are sourced from Cashmere or 'Kashmir' goats residing in South Asia, who only shed once a year, hence the scarcity of the fabric. The fibres are incredibly fine and actually get softer with wear. Cashmere is generally priced a little higher than other fibres due to its scarcity as well as its sought-after softness and warmth. 



Wool is the most widely used fibre for knitwear due to its durability and strength, cosy warmth, breathability and versatility. The fibre is sourced from a range of different breeds and ages of sheep such as Lamb (young sheep), Shetland and Merino. Wool requires less washing than other fibres due to it being largely moisture resistant. 



Biella Merino:

Merino is a super fine variation of Wool, sourced from Merino sheep. Softer, warmer and more lightweight than wool, Merino is favoured for its durability, texture, breathability and versatility. 


De-haired Angora:

Angora is a luxurious and sought-after fibre crafted from the hair of Angora rabbits. Like cashmere, Angora knitwear is viewed as more of an investment due to the scarcity of Angora Rabbits. The fibre is favoured for its unrivalled softness, incredible warmth as well as uniquely shiny and fluffy aesthetic. 



Organic Cotton:

Cotton is a widely used knitwear fibre derived from the Gossypium plant. The fibre is favoured for its strength and softness. Often used to create knitwear designed for warmer climates due to its lightweight and moisture retention qualities, cotton fibres are incredibly smooth and make for comfortable wear. 

Below we share our tips on how to care for knits to ensure longevity and enjoy your knitwear for the seasons to come 



We recommend storing your knits folded in our Marlow calico bags inside a drawer or on a shelf. Hanging knitwear can cause the shape to distort and misshape.

Washing & Drying:

For best results, we suggest a cold gentle hand wash using soft eco-friendly wool wash. Do not use any bleach, harsh detergents or fabric softeners to ensure you maintain the best colour and integrity of the garment.

To get rid of excess water, roll your knit in a clean towel and gently press to absorb the water. Gently pull to shape and dry flat.

We suggest that you dry flat in the shade, do not put near direct sun or heated towel rails as this may distort the knit structure.

Do not ring or twist your knitwear.

Do not dry clean or tumble dry your garment.

Do not iron your knitwear. We also suggest steaming your garments with a protective cloth.   




Our knitwear is intentionally crafted for a lifetime of love and wear. However, some yarns have a tendency to pill. Pilling of wool and cashmere is not a sign of poor quality but a natural reaction that occurs when the very soft fibres rub during wear.  It is important to know how to properly care for your Marlow to ensure your knitwear stays looking as good as new, season after season. 


There are several methods of removing pilling:

Lay the garment on a flat surface and use a pilling comb to gently comb the pilled fibres off the garment.

Use a battery-operated depiller machine to gently shave the pilled fibres off the garment.

We hope you love your Marlow knit as much as we do



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