Here at Marlow, we are committed to creating premium Athleisurewear.  Our clothing is designed to be an anchor in your wardrobe; timeless, beautiful and practical. We focus on creating pieces to enhance a fast-paced lifestyle, whilst keeping the wearer comfortable and poised. 

Our products are made for all shapes and sizes and produced to the highest possible standards. Garment care is fundamental to our ethos at Marlow; we want our pieces to be loved and cared for season after season to stand the test of time. 

How to best care for your Marlow products

Now that you own a Marlow garment, we thought that this guide would help you best care for your products, creating longevity.  Care information and washing instructions can be found on the care label inside each garment, as they have been customised for each fabric or yarn. 


For best results, we suggest a cold gentle hand wash.  Do not use any bleach, harsh detergents or fabric softeners to ensure you maintain the best colour and integrity of the garment. 

We suggest you dry flat in the shade, do not put near the direct sun or heated towel rails as this may distort the knit structure.  Do not ring or twist your knitwear.

Do not dry clean or tumble dry your garment. 

Do not Iron your knitwear, we also suggest to steam your garments with a protective cloth.


High quality activewear is worth the investment.  We suggest you do not delay washing your activewear after wearing it during any intensive workout.  Leaving your sweaty clothes around will cause a bad odour and bacteria to build up.  Washing your garments immediately will keep it looking and smelling fresh.  

For best result use a cold gentle machine wash with similar colours.  Do not use harsh detergents or softeners as these will strip the colour.   

Hang to dry in the shade without delay, do not dry clean or tumble dry your garment as this will cause shrinkage.

We suggest avoiding rough surfaces to ensure no abrasion or pulls on the products.

Avoid washing with towels or fluffy products as it will transfer onto your activewear.

For best results, we also suggest washing your activewear in a garment bag to protect the fabrics.  We are currently engineering our own and this will be available this space!  

Do not Iron your activewear


We are proud to bring you our signature Marlow airbrush sculpt fabric.

To us, fit and fabric is everything, we have spent countless hours perfecting our leggings for you to love and enjoy time after time.

This soft performance knit fabric is specifically engineered with all the qualities that you look for in an everyday legging.

The fabric has a comfortable 4-way stretch, it is designed to sculpt, smooth and lift your body, with our iconic airbrush surface. 

Key features of our signature airbrush:

  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology to reduce smell and draw sweat away from the body.
  • Matte, buttery-soft hand feel
  • Lightweight and designed to move and stretch with your body.
  • Soft and breathable knit


Cold, gentle machine wash with like colours for best results.  Please do not leave these products sitting damp in your machine, hang your garment out to air dry in the shade, ideally inside out.

Do not dry clean or tumble dry your garment, as this will cause shrinkage

Iron inside out on low heat and do not iron over logos or prints.


A lot of love has gone into creating Marlow Down and we want them to be an investment piece that lasts you for seasons to come. Properly caring for your Down starts with how you wash it. Regular washing will ensure that it stays beautiful and preforms at its best. Although they may look big and tough, our Marlow Down is actually quite delicate and need to be carefully washed.

Before you wash:
Make sure you have a ‘down friendly’ or delicate cold wash detergent - if you don’t, definitely invest in some. Harsh washing detergents will strip out the oil from the down feathers and cause them to lose their fluffiness.
Machine Wash:
We recommend avoiding a top loader washing machine as the alligator inside causes the cycle to be a lot rougher. Instead, hand wash your down (skip to below section).
If you have a front loader, turn your Marlow Down inside out and zip up the front so that the liner is exposed. We recommend washing it on its own so that it gets all the love it needs.
Sprinkle a teaspoon of your ‘down friendly’ or delicate washing detergent into the wash. Select a cold water, delicate cycle to avoid any damage to your Marlow Down.
Avoid the spin cycle. You want to be as gentle as you can, as Down gets quite heavy when it's wet and can damage the structure of the garment.
Once washed, please do not wring out your Marlow Down, instead shake out the excess water. It will take a while to dry, but be patient as it is worth the wait.
Hand Wash:
If you don’t have a front loader or just prefer hand washing, then fill your sink up with cold water. Add a teaspoon of your ‘down friendly’ or delicate washing detergent to the sink and give it a stir.
Turn your Marlow down inside out and fully submerge it into the water and use gentle, squeezing motions to wash it section by section. Don’t forget to flip it over and do the same to the other side.
When it looks clean, rinse it through roughly with fresh water, making sure that no detergent is left on the jacket - you might have to do this a couple of times.
Carefully remove your jacket from the sink - it will be heavy and full of a lot of water. Give it a gentle squeeze to get some excess water out, but please do not wring. We suggest pressing a towel against the jacket to help remove the water, or simply take it outside and give it a shake.
Air Dry:
If you don’t own a dryer or would prefer to air dry, then leave your Marlow Down inside out and either lay it flat or hang it on a coat hanger outside, or somewhere dry.
It is really important that you air dry your Down in a well-ventilated area so that it drys completely. We also suggest ‘fluffing’ your jacket as it dries (every hour) to prevent the feathers from clumping together and to keep it light and puffy.
Finally, when the jacket is completely dry, hang it outside to ‘air out’ for a couple of additional hours before wearing or storing.


Tumble Dry:

Tumble dry on a low or ‘air dry’ setting ONLY. Please do not dry on a high heat as it can cause the jacket to shrink and ruin the composition of both the feathers, and the material.
Place one or two tennis balls in the dryer as it will help fluff up the feathers inside your Marlow Down and bring it back to its original, puffy condition.
Your Marlow Down is an investment piece and you will want to keep it safe and in the best condition. Although it is precious, please don’t hide it away.
Let your Marlow Down breathe and make sure that it doesn’t get compressed.
We suggest hanging it in your closet or loose in a laundry bag



Our jackets are made from performance fabrics, for best results we recommend you close the zipper before washing.  Gentle machine or hand wash cold with similar colours and do not use any harsh detergents or bleach.  Line dry or hang in the shade.

Do not dry clean or wring and twist the garment.

Do not iron or dry clean as this can affect coating and performance.

For any further information on caring for your Marlow, please refer to our blog:

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