We are proud to bring you Marlow,

Established in 2020, Marlow is premium athleisurewear; simple, sleek and effortless pieces for the modern woman to wear all year round. Marlow combines extraordinary attention to detail with an elevated yet understated aesthetic.

Marlow was born from a desire for balance and a sense of calm in a busy world. Our clothing is designed to be an anchor in your wardrobe; timeless, beautiful and practical. We focus on creating pieces to enhance a fast-paced lifestyle, whilst keeping the wearer comfortable and poised.

Marlow stands out in the way it fuses fashion and function, designing highly versatile pieces. These work as stylish contemporary clothing, with signature shapes, unique luxurious fabrics and elevated details, but also with support, coverage and performance to stand the test of time.

Our commitment to you is clothing that empowers women of all shapes and sizes, produced to the highest possible standards, always maintaining perfect form and function. Marlow is proudly designed in New Zealand and responsibly sourced from artisan suppliers around the globe.


Sustainability is at the heart of all our business practices. Here at Marlow we are always looking to improve our processes to ensure we are thinking about our impact on the environment and a sustainable future.  As we evolve as a business we aim to take steps to continuously do better, ensuring we implement practices right through every step of the business. 

From the start of our Marlow journey, we have considered a number of systems and process to ensure we are doing our bit and moving forward in the right direction.  Below is a list of things that have been implemented across the business : 

  • We have built our brand around the ethos that clothing should be classic, timeless and designed to be anchor in your wardrobe, meaning that it lasts for seasons to come.
  • We make sustainable fabric choices and use manufacturing methods that minimise the environmental impact. All our manufacturers and suppliers are carefully selected, and are equally committed to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet. We conduct regular visits to our factories to ensure they align with our core values and ensure employees are working in an ethical environment. All of our suppliers have the required documented reports of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and are externally audited.
  • The use of sustainable packaging : Our garments are delivered to us from our factory in biodegradable bags.
  • If you purchase gift wrapping - our custom tissue paper used is eco friendly and is FSC Certified, and uses acid free paper and soy based inks.
  • All our courier satchels are compostable.
  • Your garments are packed in either reusable calico bags or compostable poly bags designed to reduce waste and minimise the impact on the environment.  We encourage you to get creative and repurpose our calico bags! Alternatively, if you would like to send these back to us, we will send them back to our factories to be reused. 

If you have any questions around Marlow's sustainability practices, we are more than happy to answer your questions, please email online@marlownz.com